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Sun Body Oil - Before & After


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Laurel WPO's Sun Body Oil is a light-weight body oil serum and moisturiser, packed with nutrients and antioxidants, to use before and after sun exposure.
Every single ingredient of this formula has been clinically studied or used historically for its sun damage prevention (ie. natural sun protection) or sun damage repair properties.


All skin types will benefit from this vitamin- & mineral-rich formula.
Due to the variation from plant to plant, the chemical compounds within plants varies, so it cannot be legally advised as a sunscreen. It is proven though that highly antioxidant plants will prevent and protect the skin from sun damages. It can be used as sun protection, or in addition to sunscreen (see "How to Use" tab for more details), as well as a soothing after-sun care.


It offers protection and deep healing from anti-inflammatory actions to cell regeneration or skin barrier strengthening, as well as softening properties. Regenerative, it is also rich in antioxidants and in repairing essential fatty acids thanks to its nourishing Avocado & Coconut Oils, repairing Rosehip, Olive & Jojoba Oils and restorative Red Grape & Sea buckthorn Oils.

Strongly anti-inflammatory Red Raspberry Oil, with its natural SPF, is providing sun protection to your skin, with a little help from Avocado & Coconut oils, and Carrot seed essential oil.


Organic essential oils of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Roman Camomile, Ylang-ylang, Neroli, Myrrh & Helichrysum add their anti-inflammatory, relaxing and healing properties and scents.


Indulge in this relaxing oil smelling of summer days to renew your skin, but also refresh and soothe the mind.


Nested in sunny California, the brand is very careful to only use locally-grown (100 miles at most, or home-grown! Yeah, really), raw, unrefined, cold-pressed ingredients, preferably biodynamically farmed.
Power is in the ingredients ‘purity, explaining why Laurel WPO skincare is so effective.

Using therapeutic-grade essential oils, replacing water by bioactive-nutrient-rich hydrosols, no drying alcohol or chemicals allowed, Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a pure range of skincare, providing the best of handmade plant medicine with scientific effectiveness, and lots of love.

Laurel Shaffer is the heart and mastermind behind the beautiful flower & herb-based facial skincare that is Laurel Whole Plant Organics.
Trained botanist, herbalist and sommelier (you can’t make that up!), Laurel instinctively knows the synergies that work best on your skin and mind.
Yes mind too, because those formulas have incredible scents, thanks to the freshness and quality of raw ingredients.
Take a breather and enjoy this moment for yourself, relieving skin and mind at the same time for a little bit of self-love, sent to you warmly from the sunny West Coast (and yours truly).


Made in the USA


Glass bottle with pump.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

100% of ingredients are organic.

18 beneficial active botanicals.


Ingredients: Avocado Oil(*), Jojoba Oil(*), Red Raspberry Seed Oil(*), Rosehip Fruit and Seed Oil(*), Almond Oil(*), Olive Oil(*), Coconut Oil(*), Red Grape Seed Oil(*), Rosemary Extract(*), Sea Buckthorn Fruit and Seed Oil(*),  Sandalwood Essential Oil(*), Frankincense Essential Oil(*), Carrot Seed Essential Oil(*), Roman Chamomile Essential Oil(*), Ylang-ylang Essential Oil(*), Neroli Essential Oil(*), Myrrh Essential Oil(*), Helichrysum Essential Oil(*), Flower and Gem Essence(*).

(*) organic origin


Vegan, Gluten Free.

Apply on the Body as needed.


Using a small amount of product, apply in gentle motions on your skin (preferably from bottom to top).


For better absorption and to seal moisture in, apply on moist skin (after the shower or bath, after generously applying the anti-inflammatory Oily/Combination Elixir all over your body to soothe the sun-kissed skin). 


If used for sun protection, apply before you got out, and then do reapply very often in case of full sun exposure (once per hour approximately, as oil absorbs quickly and can wear off faster than cream containing zinc - timing might differ for individuals as each skin is unique, assess your sensitivity).
If use in addition to sunscreen, apply the oil first and then follow with the sunscreen.

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