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Siam Seas Balm - Baume anti-inflammatoire, antioxydant

SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

Siam Seas

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Siam Seas SEAS Elements Beauty Balm is a luscious balm, smelling of jasmine flowers like they do only in Thailand... Melting into a light oil at the touch of your skin, it is easily absorbed to offer its strong healing & regenerative properties to troubled or stressed-out skins.

Non-clogging, ideal to soothe inflammation, acne, it also targets dull, dehydrated complexions for a youthful, relieved glow. Reactive and congested skins will particularly love its calming effects.


Composed of four powerhouse Southeast Asian botanicals that have been used for centuries, nourishing Kokum & firming Mowrah butters, antioxidant Ya Nang & anti-inflammatory Laurel Clock Vine herbs, it relieves inflammation, replenishes hydration, boosts the skin's elasticity & natural collagen synthesis, offering a renewed & fresh glow.

To complete their actions further, anti-inflammatory (Tamanu, Pumpkin Seed) and anti-dehydration (Safflower, Hemp, Argan, Pracaxi) oils are added for a deeper regenerative and protective action to the skin. Vitamin C and Oxyresveratrol from Lakoocha extract, an extremely potent antioxidant, as well as Rosehip oil and Gotu Kola extract heal deeply, correcting the skin tone and brightening the complexion.

A blend of precious and rare essential oils (Immortelle, Rose, Jasmine, Blue Tansy...) target dullness, irritation and dehydration for a healthy skin, natural glow.


You'll fall in love with its fluid texture, delicious scent and effective results, both immediate (soothing) and more or less long term (natural glow, brightened complexion).


Siam Seas is a luxurious skincare line, composed of handmade innovative formulas mixing powerful botanicals from South East Asia to alleviate the symptoms of acne-prone, irritated, reactive, sensitive, dehydrated, dull skins.

Supadra Geronimo, creator of Siam Seas, started her personalhealing journey to soothe her own troubled skin, diving into her roots, using fresh, pure botanicals from South East Asia as she's seen her grandmother do in her childhood.

Fascinated with the results, she researched and worked closely with Thai herbalists to create those beautiful potions. They are crafted with over 90% indigenous ingredients, efficiently healing the skin day after day from modern-day stress.


More than "just" precious skincare really healing the skin, the treasures of Siam Seas aim to ground you into the moment, reminding you in the whirlwind our lives are, to take a moment to yourself, to connect mind and body in one place, one moment and rediscover your beautiful self, shining from within. A healing gift to you.


Made in the USA


Glass jar.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.


Ingredients: Kokum Butter(w), Mowrah Butter(w), Hemp Seed Oil(*), Safflower Oil(*), Ya Nang Herb(w), Laurel Clock Vine Herb(w), Gotu Kola(w), Argan Oil(*), Pracaxi Seed Oil(w), Pumpkin Seed Oil(*), Chaulmoogra Oil, Tamanu Oil(*), Vitamin C Ester, Lakoocha Extract(w), Rosehip Oil(*), Jasmine Absolute Oil(*), Bulgarian Rose Oil(w), Immortelle Essential Oil(*), Frankincense Essential Oil(w), Lavender Essential Oil(w), Ravensara Essential Oil(*), Myrrh Essential Oil(*), Plai Herb(w), Neroli Essential Oil(*), Blue Tansy Essential Oil(w), Rose Bulgarian Absolute Oil(w).

INCI: Garcinia Indica Butter(w), Madhuca Longifolia Butter(w), Cannabis Sativa Oil(*), Carthamus Tinctorius Oil(*), Tiliacora Triandra Herb(w), Thumbergia Laurifolia Herb(w), Centella Asiatica(w), Argania Spinosa Oil(*), Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil(w), Cucurbita Pepo Oil(*), Hydnocarpus Wightianus Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil(*), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbyl, Artocarpus Lacucha Extract(w), Rosa Canina Oil(*), Jasminum Officinale Oil(*), Rosa Damascena Oil(w), Helichrysum Italicum Oil(*), Boswellia Sacra Oil(w), Lavandula Oil(w), Ravensara Aromatica Oil(*), Commiphora Myrrha Oil(*), Zingiber Cassumunar Herb(w), Citrus Aurantium Oil(*), Tanacetum Annuum(w), Rosa Damascena Oil(w).

(*) organic certified
(w) organic gown /wild-crafted


Vegan, Gluten Free.

Apply at night on the Face and Neck, or even in the morning if needed.


Using very little product at a time (an orange seed size), apply in gentle motions on your skin (preferably from bottom to top as always to fight gravity).

Apply on damp skin, after the Yen toner and/or the Twilight BeCalm serum for a full treatment.


Do not let water or moisture inside the jar. Keep in a cool, dark place.



What to do in case the balm melted ?


First rest assured, it is in no way ruined or less efficient. A change in texture does not affect the product performance. Now that you are reassured...


To restore it to the texture you love:
- if it is still liquid, place the whole jar in the refrigerator overnight. Et voilà!
- if it solidified again at room temperature leaving white grains (see note below *) and you prefer the original texture, place the closed jar in water-bath of low simmering water to allow the balm to melt slowly (do not heat to a boil, and do not allow water to get into the jar). Then place the slightly cooled jar and melted balm in the refrigerator overnight. Et voilà (again)!


* note on white grains forming in the balms: they are simply solid lipids. They melt at the touch and heat of your skin, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad with them. It doesn't affect the balm performance.

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