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Alima Pure

Satin Matte Foundation

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Cool 1
Cool 3
Cool 4
Cool 5
Cool 6
Cool 7
Cool 8
Cool 9
Neutral 1
Neutral 4
Neutral 5
Neutral 6
Neutral 7
Neutral 8
Beige 5
Beige 6
Beige 7
Beige 8
Beige 9
Warm 1
Warm 5
Warm 6
Warm 7
Warm 8
Warm 9
Olive 0
Olive 1
Olive 1.5
Olive 2
Olive 3
Olive 4
Olive 5
Olive 6
Olive 7

The award-winning mineral Satin Matte Foundation is a pure loose powder made of only four pure hypoallergenic ingredients that blend oh so easily with your skin to provide a smooth matte finish with a subtle glow.

Crafted to feel luxuriously weightless on your skin, it provides a buildable coverage with natural sun protection that stays put all day, leaving you worry-free and confidently beautiful.


For every skin type and skin tone, every woman will find her best match ever with an unparalleled 45 shades to choose from! From cool to warm undertones and light to dark skins. Have a look at our "Colour Guide" tab.


Wanting just a light touch up or a full-on make-up for a special evening, the Satin Matte Foundation is your perfect ally.

From the first application, you'll see a more even skin tone, an enhanced complexion and the appearance of fine lines reduced.


This is only "the foundation" of Alima Pure.


The whole Alima Pure product choice is extensive, from Face, to Cheeks to Eyes and Lips, to allow every woman to find what would suit her mood that day. The colours are varied, as well as the finishes: satin matte, pearluster, luminous shimmer...


Mineral beauty brand Alima Pure has a simple motto: "Minimal ingredients for Maximum impact. A few simple, natural ingredients crafted in just the right way." . We couldn't agree more.


Minimal? Yes, but only in ingredients, never in choice and fun.

Organic? Yes, with the strictest and highest quality, with no concession to elegance and sleek design.

Delivering? oh Yes!
In colour? an impressive 45 colours for the foundation only. And more from nude to dramatic, sparkly, matte, shimmering, deep, for the eyes and cheeks.
In comfort? Silky soft surprise letting the skin breathe.
In covering and hold? Natural finish, buildable, richly pigmented, long-lasting, foundation enhancing, safe, calming, sun protecting, what more to say?


6,5gr. - 0.22oz of mineral loose-powder


Made in USA



Leaping Bunny Certification  Member of 1% for the Planet  B Corporation Certified


Food-grade plastic jar packed in 100% post-consumer recycled paper box, printed with eco-friendly soy-based inks.

There are only two things you have to consider to find your perfect match: undertones (cool to warm and all in-between) and skin depth (0 to 9).
Easy breathy no? Follow us please, don't panic...


Understanding undertones:
- the Cool Range has the highest ratio of red mineral pigments, so they'll match well with slightly pink undertones.
- the Neutral Range match well with cool peach undertones, with slightly more yellow pigments than the Cool range, but still a bit cooler than Beige or Warm.
- the Beige Range has a balance of yellow and red mineral pigments, so they'll match well with most neutral peach undertones. This is the most neutral range (yeah, naming is not instinctive here).
- the Warm Range has the most yellow pigments, so it suits best the skins with a subtle yellow / golden-toned undertones. If your foundation often appears too pink on your skin, this is the one for you.
- the Olive Range suits best skins with neutral brown undertones. It neither Beige nor Neutral is a right fit for you, then Olive might be your answer.


Understanding skin depth:
- For 1-2 (0-1 for Olive): the fairest skin, easily burns in the sun, usually wearing the lightest shade in other brands, and event then, often finding them slightly too dark. Skin tone's depth close to Nicole Kidman's or Emma Stone's.
- For 2-3 (1-1.5 for Olive): fair to light skin, burning with initial sun exposure usually. Wearing the lightest to second lightest shade in other lines. Skin tone's depth close to Gwyneth Paltrow's or Jennifer Lawrence's.
- For 3-4 (3-3.5 for Neutral, 1.5-2 for Olive): light skin. Your skin may initially burn with sun exposure but it can build a tan with regular exposure. In other lines, perhaps you were the second or third shade. Skin tone's depth close to Jennifer Aniston's or Natalie Portman's.
- For 4-5 (3.5-4 for Neutral, 2-3 for Olive): light-medium skin. You tan well and rarely burn. You may vary between light and medium shades depending on the season. Skin tone's depth close to Eva Mendes's or Alicia Vikander's.
- For 5-6 (4-5 for Neutral, 3-4 for Olive): true medium skin. Your skin tans easily and never burns, hello "Bronze Goddess". Skin tone's depth close to Beyoncé's or Tina Tuner's.
- For 6-7 (5-6 for Neutral, 4-5 for Olive): medium to deep skin tone. Your skin never burns, may just deepen with sun exposure. Skin tone's depth close to Michelle Obama's or Mindi Kaling's.
- For 7-8 (6-7 for Neutral, 5-6 for Olive): deep skin tone. In other lines, you use the deepest or next-to-deepest shade. Skin tone's depth close to Angela Bassett's or Kelly Rowland's.
- For 8-9 (7-8 for Neutral, 6-7 for Olive): deepest skin tone. In other lines, you may have had difficulties to find a shade deep enough for you. Fear no more. Skin tone's depth close to Viola Davis' or Lupita Nyong'o's.


Custom samples are available here to help you make your final choice.


If you need a little help to get to meet you're best pick, we can only recommend the following Alima Pure video to help.


Still have a question? Contact us here, and we'll be happy to help.

100% of ingredients are from natural origin.


Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Zinc Oxide (CI 77947), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).


Vegan, Gluten free.

Apply gently a little of the foundation across your skin in smooth, circular motions until blended, using your Foundation Brush for a light to medium coverage, your Flat Top Brush for a medium to full coverage, or Kabuki Brush when on-the-go.


As the powder is richly pigmented, we recommend that you build the colour by applying first a very small quantity of foundation powder, and come back to it should you want it. You'll see you need very little product for a great effect.


Allow for a little time (a couple of coffee sips? Eyeliner pose? Lover's kiss?) to let the mineral powder settle and stretch. It will give you a more accurate depiction of the final coverage. And then you can decide safely to add to it... or not! It is always easier to start lightly and build-up. And with habit, you'll soon be a pro on the quantity you need that morning.


Try it also for precise spot application where you need it most—under-eye circles, blemishes, or redness, with your Concealer Brush.

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