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Kure Bazaar

Les Lipsticks Refills


Bacio Satin
Blush Satin
Bohemian Satin
Chérie Satin
Corso 22 Satin
Couture Satin
Fabulous Satin
Hippie Satin
Lipstick Satin
Love Satin
Mademoiselle K Satin
Sienna Satin
So Vintage Satin
Tea Rose Satin
Zoe Satin
Amore Baume
Essenziale Baume
Macaron Baume
Rose Punk Baume
Couture Mat
Lipstick Mat
Scandal Mat
September Mat
Stiletto Mat
Tea Rose Mat
Zoe Mat

Kure Bazaar's vegan Lipsticks' Refills are packed with healthy, vitamin-rich and antioxidant fruit super ingredients.
Creamy, pigmented with mineral pigments, they will dress your lips with bold or soft colours, in three different finishes.

Each finish of the new Kure Bazaar Lipsticks & Refills (Satin, Matte or Balm) have a different exclusive composition to optimize wear & comfort as well as colour. 

Thought with ecology in mind as always, enjoy a sleek & recyclable aluminum tube that can be refilled with your lipstick color of choice once you've finished the original stick.

And keep the trendy up-cycled jeans pouch close by to maintain your tube in pristine condition. Made from scraps from Haute Couture factories, they protect the tube with in a fun and elegant way.


Protecting and deeply nourishing thanks to their Butters, natural oils and fruit extracts (Cranberry, Pomegranate), their coverage do hold well on your lips throughout the day while conditioning them and avoiding any dryness.

Have a look at the "Colour Guide" tabs to discover all the colours in range. 


4gr. - 0.14oz stick


Made in Italy

Les Satins colours :

- "Bacio" : Pink with a hint of coral undertone.
- "Blush" : like a blush pink with a hint of warmth.
- "Bohemian" : burnt Terracotta orange.
- "Chérie" : dark Fuchsia.
- "Corso 22" : Nude warmed with a touch of gold - light coverage.
- "Couture" : deep Red with a touch of pink undertones.
- "Fabulous" : Bubble gum Pink.
- "Hippie" : translucent Peach - light coverage.
- "Lipstick" : Coral.
- "Love" : Red with pink undertones.
- "Mademoiselle K" : Fuchsia.
- "Sienna" : Brown with a vintage pink twist.
- "So Vintage" : vintage light Pink.
- "Tea Rose" : Pink with blue undertones.
- "Zoé" : pink Nude.


Les Baumes colours :

- "Amore" : Fuchsia Pink.
- "Essenziale" : Peach nude.
- "Macaron" : girly Pink.
- "Rose Punk" : cool Pink.
- "Rouge Flore" : crushed Strawberry.


Les Mats colours :

- "Couture" : Red with a hint of pink undertone.
- "Lipstick" : Coral Red.
- "Scandal" : deep dark Plum.
- "September" : pop Fuchsia.
- "Stiletto" : Red, with a hint of cool.
- "Tea Rose" : Pink with blue undertones.
- "Terre Rose" : soft cool dark Pink.
- "Zoe" : Nude.

Please check each product page for all the INCI lists: 

Les Satins

Les Baumes

Les Mats

Vegan, Gluten free.

Apply on your lips, as needed.


Can be re-applied during the day if you need extra moisturising or colour.


How to replace the stick

Open your tube and pull the old stick out. 

Push the refill in (with the stick carefully "closed") until it is in place and doesn't move. 


Kure Bazaar, fashionably made in France & Italy, has developed healthier solutions(*) for trendsetting and professional colours at your finger tips & now your lips.


Launched in 2011, their exclusive and innovative formulation is up to 90% natural, reducing chemical ingredients drastically from what was done in the nail industry at the time. With fortifying Bamboo extract and Vitamin E, they preserve the nails' vitality, all this without compromising on professional quality, long-lasting wear and gorgeous fun colours.


Continuing with their vegan & ecologic vision, they launched in 2020 the newest members of the Kure Bazaar Family : gorgeous refillable lipsticks in slick eco-friendly aluminium cases. 

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