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CHO Nature

Aventurine Quartz Roll-on



C.H.O. Nature's Aventurine Quartz Roll-on is a high-quality face roll-on to activate lymph and blood flow by massage, helping detoxify, firm and de-puff the face.

Known and used in China for centuries, it is the perfect accessory to your beauty routine, face massage being a key to healthy glow, firm skin and face contour as well as smooth complexion. And you'll enjoy the relaxing feeling to de-stress skin and mind as well while using it.


High-quality roll-on, it is made of real stone, with its cooling and refreshing properties, tightening pores. It is quite sturdy and stable and makes no noise while using.


Aventurine quartz is in lithotherapy linked to the heart, promoting introspection & prosperity. It is generally recommended for acne-prone, irritated, eczema-prone skins for its purifying & calming properties.
Discover the Rose Quartz or Chinese Jade versions also available.

Size: 14,5 cm length

Brazil Aventurine Green Quartz on a Zinc alloy


As it is a natural stone there can be variations in the color of the stone you receive compared to the picture.

To use on Face, Eye Contour and Neck daily.


Use at least five minutes a day to see real results.

You can use it on clean skin alone or with a few drops of your favorite oil serum applied to the skin prior using the roll (it helps the serum absorb properly and activate its action).


The movements :
- Always start by activating the lymph flow : start with the large part of the roll-on on the neck at the base of the jaw and roll downward to the top of your torso. Repeat three times at least on each side of the neck.
- On the face, start on the chin and move along the jaw upwards, always doing the movements from the center of the face to the outer part (to the hair line) and from bottom to top. Best is to repeat the movement at least 3 times before moving upwards or to the other side.
Use the smaller side for the eye contour and the lips.
- Finish the whole massage by repeating the neck rolls of the beginning to evacuate stagnating lymph moved during the massage.


After use, rinse with warm water and a little soap if needed. Be careful to not let it stagnate in water, dry and store properly.


A little storing tip : store in the fridge to accentuate the cooling and tightening effect when using! 


A little energetic tip : if you want to recharge the stone, put it in the sun for a few hours during the day, or at night under the full moon once in while.

C.H.O. Nature's philosophy is to use well-known plant-based raw ingredients, but only the highest of quality, ultra-pure water, all formulas researched and bottled in their very own factory in the South of France, making them proud natural cosmetic artisans.

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