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Leahlani Skincare

Pua Lei Perfume



Leahlani's Pua Lei Perfume oil is a delicate & feminine tropical floral fragrance with notes of Tuberose & exotic Puakenini, enveloping you with the soft scent of a Hawaiian lei.


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Phthalate free, alcohol free, Leahlani's fragrances are made of cold-pressed plant oils, essential oils and fruit & plant extracts. They are bottled in an easy roll-on, to slip into every purses for an instant tropical day dream.


Nested on the North Shore of Kauai island in Hawaii, Leahlani skincare is an artisanal skincare line full of the vibrant botanical actives the lush nature of Hawaii has to offer.

Leah, the founder and formulator of those gorgeous formulas is a certified holistic skincare expert, licensed aesthetician and botanical alchemist. She came to formulation through her own troubled skin and imbalanced system, looking to create gems that would heal while providing a true sensory experience, a tropical ritual to escape to, to soothe skin and spirit.


More than "just a routine", Leah's products are filled with love and good vibrations thanks to the purity of the chosen ingredients, the luxurious beauty oils, tropical nectars and precious extracts. Blended weekly in fresh small batches you can feel the goodness and love poured into each jar or bottle, a true Aloha from Hawaii in your hands. From Leah, with love.


Made in the USA


Glass tube with a roll-on.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.


Ingredients: a base of cold-pressed oils(*), essential oils(*) and extracts(*).

Phtalate free, alcohol free.

(*) organic origin


Vegan, Gluten Free.

Apply as needed on the Body : behind the ears, on the inside of the wrists, on the side of the neck, on the heart chakra...


Keep in a cool, dark place.

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