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CHO Nature

Démaquillette - Cleansing Cloth


3 pieces

CHO Nature's Démaquillette - Cleansing Cloth is made of soft organic cotton, naturally woven in France.


GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified, it is gentle enough all skin types for even the most sensitive skins. Use it to cleanse the skin after removing make-up and the day's sweat and sebum, or after your light face scrub, it will help tighten pores and gently eliminate dead cells for a brighter complexion.


In a travel-friendly cotton pouch, it is sold by three so you always have a clean one on hand !
Machine-wash friendly up to 40°C to clean it properly.


C.H.O. Nature's philosophy is to use well-known plant-based raw ingredients, but only the highest of quality, ultra-pure water, all formulas researched and bottled in their very own factory in the South of France, making them proud natural cosmetic artisans.


Made in France



Natrue Label

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

100% of ingredients are organic.


Composition : Cotton(*),

(*) organic origin

To use on Face, Eye Contour and Neck daily.


To use wet, ideally with lukewarm to warm water. Do not use dry.


Best used to remove the Cleansing Oil after massaging the oil onto dry skin and adding a but of water (see all the How to use details here).


Can also be used to remove the Light Face Scrub after thorough rinsing (see all the How to use details here)


After use, rinse with warm water until water runs clear.

Let air-dry.


Cleaning : machine wash at 40 degrees and let air dry.

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