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Clarity Oil Cleanser



Laurel Skin latest Oil Cleanser - Deep clarity is a studied blend of the best oils to deeply cleanse your skin naturally. Think of it as an "oil pulling" for the face, it acts as a magnet to impurities.


Selected for the size of their molecular fatty acid chain, just the right size to deeply clean pores without being absorbed like facial oils, the oils Lauren chose carefully create a deep pore clarifying ritual for congested skins. It will help relieve deeply inflamed cysts and imperfections, as well as puffiness and congestion of any kind, leaving the complexion refreshed and revitalized.


Rather active, if some skin may tolerate this Clarity Oil Cleanser daily, it is best used weekly or twice weekly for most skins, even sensitive.
If your skin is very damaged, avoid it altogether while you work on repairing it. It will still be there once you're back on track.


You'll find anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory Black Cumin Seed & Tamanu oils as well as Turmeric & Calendula extract, soothing redness and stimulating blood and lymph flows, helped in that by Rosemary extract. To deeply detox and decongest, Sesame Seed, Sunflower and Safflower will get to work, eliminating impurities and sebum deposits.

Rosemary extract (again) and essential oil will help release muscle tension for deeper detoxification and nourishment.
Organic essential oils of Green Mandarin, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli & Rosemary soothe and revitalize the skin while providing a relaxing and refreshing scent to your senses. You won't need any encouragement to massage it at length while day dreaming, trust us...


Made in the USA


Glass bottle with a pump.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

100% of ingredients are organic.


Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil(*), Sunflower Seed Oil(*), Sesame Seed Oil(*), Tamanu Oil(*), Black Cumin Seed Oil(*), Rosemary Whole Plant Extract(*), Calendula Whole Plant Extract(*), Turmeric Whole Plant Extract(*), Green Mandarin Essential Oil(*), Ylang Ylang Essential Oil(*), Neroli Essential Oil(*), Rosemary Essential Oil(*).

(*) organic origin


Vegan, Gluten Free.

To use on the Face and Neck, morning and/or evening, 1 or 2 times a week.


Occasionally shake the bottle to insure homogeneity.


Gently massage 2 to 3 pumps of Oil Cleanser into your dry skin, with dry fingers.

Massage well (from bottom to top is always better to fight gravity!), especially around congested areas. Enjoy the scent while you're at it.

Apply a warm steamy towel on your face, press gently with your hands, then wipe away dirt, oil and make-up completely.

Repeat compression with fresh warm steamy towels 1 to 2 times at least to stimulate circulation, lymphatic flow, deep connective tissue detoxing and relieve muscular tension (worth it right?).


This oily Cleanser can work as eye make-up of course but we would recommand the gentler versions of the cream-gel cleansers to remove eye make-up on a regular basis or on sensitive skins.

Nested in sunny California, the brand is very careful to only use locally-grown (100 miles at most, or home-grown! Yeah, really), raw, unrefined, cold-pressed ingredients, preferably biodynamically farmed.
Power is in the ingredients ‘purity, explaining why Laurel Skin skincare is so effective.

Using therapeutic-grade essential oils, replacing water by bioactive-nutrient-rich hydrosols, no drying alcohol or chemicals allowed, Laurel Skin is a pure range of skincare, providing the best of handmade plant medicine with scientific effectiveness, and lots of love.

Laurel Shaffer is the heart and mastermind behind the beautiful flower & herb-based facial skincare that is Laurel Whole Plant Organics / Laurel Skin.
Trained botanist, herbalist and sommelier (you can’t make that up!), Laurel instinctively knows the synergies that work best on your skin and mind.
Yes mind too, because those formulas have incredible scents, thanks to the freshness and quality of raw ingredients.
Take a breather and enjoy this moment for yourself, relieving skin and mind at the same time for a little bit of self-love, sent to you warmly from the sunny West Coast (and yours truly).

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