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Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist

Earthwise Beauty


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Earthwise Beauty Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist is perfect for all skin types, and much more than "just another mist" as you can expect from Earthwise Beauty of course.
The Cistus and Moonlight Mist is alcohol, water and filler free. Nonphotosensitizing, noncomedogenic, just pure whole plants and extracts loaded with antioxidants, healing and anti-bacterial properties to provide deep hydration and nourish your lovely skin.


The unique scent is rich, sweet, floral, almost honey-like with a touch of resinous note thanks to the richness of the plants. It won't leave you indifferent, it will be love at first pschitt or not. 


Ava decided to focus on a very pure, very potent Cistus hydrosol from Portugal, bought directly from the man harvesting and distilling its plants with love and care. Cistus is known to reduce ageing signs such as loss of firmness or fine wrinkles. It is also pore minimizing, naturally antibacterial, anti-acne, and also nurturing to the skin.

To enjoy fully the precious Cistus hydrosol they found, from its properties to its scent, very few additions were made to let it blossom on its own : cold-pressed Aloe Vera Juice for its healing and cooling properties, Cistus essential oil to enhance the hydrosol properties and flower and gem essences for their energetic love (see below). 


With its medicinally prepared flower & gem essences, the Cistus and Moonlight Face mist is also full of energetic benefits, becoming an Aura mist as well a true wonder for the skin. An Aura mist is sprayed a few times a day above one's head for emotional and spiritual benefits.

The Cistus hydrosol is always infused overnight in the full moon to enhance the yin, the feminine side : beauty, intuition, insight, patience and gentleness.
Several flower & gem essences are added to the hydrosol for their sweet properties :
- Rainbow moonstone gem : enhances yin qualities, especially receptivity and patience, as well as regulates hormones and mood swings.
- Mangano calcite gem : a unique heart-comforting essence to feel safe and loved no matter the emotional wounds and past.
- Clear Quartz gem : deeply clearing of unhealthy, old energies, lifting fatigue and lethargy in the process.
- Alaskan Monkshood flower : helps accept one's introverted side, helping maintain clear energetic boundaries and ease fears due to shyness, anxiety or emotional weakness.
- Pacific Nothwest Pink Phlox flower : enhances gentleness, sweetness and quiet peace of mind.


Now you know everything to enjoy it in your routine or throughout the day, in case you need some love and support. 


Earthwise Beauty was born from Ava's love of everything skincare. As a student in Poland, she was the geeky do-it-yourself queen of homemade masks, lotions and body moisturisers. The more she discovered, the more reading and learning she did to know everything she could about herbal medicine, aromatherapy, whole plant healing, flower & gem essence therapy...
Curious, passionate and with an innate gift for formulations, she soon began to create custom concoctions for co-workers until she decided to quit her day-job and launch, for our greatest pleasure, the Earthwise Beauty skincare line, offering her treasures to all.

Using luxuriously pure, fresh and high quality plant ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils, as little preservatives as possible to let the plants use their adaptogenic intelligence and full range of healing actions, Earthwise Beauty is a pure range of herbal skincare, providing the best of handmade plant medicine with scientific effectiveness.

Committed to quality as well as fair-trade and sustainability, they developed a close relationship with a handful of partners providing them the pure ingredients they need and love. They also are very mindful of the impact the daily business of an online shop has, reducing paper to the maximum, using recyclable, biodegradable packaging, exactly as we do, and giving back to the community as well.

Trying Earthwise Beauty products is being an immediate convert, thanks to their potency and skin-glowing results. 


Made in the USA



Peta Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny Certification


Glass bottle with a spray.

100% of ingredients are from plant and natural origin.

99,80% of ingredients are organic or responsibly wildcrafted.


Ingredients: Rock Rose Hydrosol(* or (w)), Aloe Vera Juice(*), Rock Rose Essential Oil(w), Potassium Sorbate, Monkshood Flower Essence, Pink Phlox Flower Essence, Rainbow Moonstone Gem Essence, Mangano Calcite Gem Essence, Clear Quartz Gem Essence.

INCI: Cistus Ladanifer Hydrosol(* or (w)), Aloe Barabensis Juice(*), Cistus Ladanifer Essential Oil(w), Potassium Sorbate, Aconitum Delphinifolium Flower Essence, Phlox Longifolia Flower Essence, Rainbow Moonstone Gem Essence, Mangano Calcite Gem Essence, Clear Quartz Gem Essence.

(*) organic origin
(w) wild-crafted from own garden


Vegan, Gluten Free.

This Face mist is designed to be used as a lotion in your daily routine, as well as throughout the day for instant refresh or some energetic love as an Aura mist.


- In the morning, as a gentle "wake-me-up" for your skin, spray on your face.

Let it sit a little on your face, and then gently dab the remaining drops on your skin.

Do not let totally dry. It has a reverse drying effect on the top layers of your skin.


Add your serum and/or moisturiser (your choice!) on your moist-from-the-mist face.

This will lock the hydration in.


or Spray during the day,over face or your make-up for a refreshing effect.


- In your routine, after removing make-up and cleansing, spray the mist over your face for soothing skin "pick-me-up" and pH balance.

Then apply your serum and/or moisturiser (your choice!) on your moist-from-the-mist face. You'll love the feeling!


As an Aura mist, spray 3 to 4  times a day over the head for emotional and spiritual benefits, breathing in the scent deeply.


Shake periodically to remix. Store away from direct light exposure.

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