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BYBI Beauty

Silky Eye Mask


The Silky Eye Mask by BYBI Beauty is a fun & elegant 100% Silk Eye Mask to help you sleep better at night.


With its large shape and thick material, no light will go through or around the edges, allowing you a restful nap or night.
In 100% Silk, antimicrobial and antibacterial, it is soft for your skin, especially the delicate one around the eyes. To pack in all your carry-ons.



BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders. It is a brand new natural skincare line, founded in 2017 by Elsie & Dominika, the two successful and resourceful ladies behind UK's biggest natural beauty platform, Clean Beauty Co.
Starting out as users, then beauty bloggers and finally natural skincare formulation graduates, they bring their knowledge of hours of research and a consumer point of view to creating their high-performance and enjoyable products. And the elegant vintage feel and details of the packaging doesn't hurt either...
Let's stay tune for more from them!


20cm x 10cm silk mask.

External Composition : 100% Silk 

Place on your eyes when needing rest and relaxation.  

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