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The Beauty Archive

Soft Blend Make-up Sponge


one size

The Beauty Archive Soft Blend Make-up Sponge is the perfect ally to apply cream make-up seamlessly and with ease.


Vegan, cruelty-free, it has been designed with latex-free hydrophilic polyurethane, an eco-friendly and recyclable material, without any harsh solvents to be gentle for the delicate skin of the face.

You can use it dry or damp, as you prefer, being even kinder to the environment with less water. 



Zandra, the lovely founder of The Beauty Archive, launched her line of natural make-up to enhance beauty, not conceal it.
Wanting to keep that playful approach of make-up with a sustainable beauty concept, The Beauty Archive doesn't compromised on quality, focused on being as effective as they are gorgeous looking. Creating true makeup staples, and embracing Scandinavian minimalism, the easy-to-use line offers at the same time effortless beauty and contemporary design. We're so in love with this result as you can imagine.


Aware of the fast pace we live in, and the need to slow down and be make conscious choices about what we put in and on our body, Zandra decided to work exclusively with organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, blended and poured in the loveliest glass jar to re-use and recycle.


Handmade with love in small fresh batches, for fun, sexy and amazing quality, welcome to The Beauty Archive!


Made in China with climate neutral compensation


Measures: +/- 6 cm.

100% cruelty-free Hydrophilic Polyurethane.



Use to apply The Beauty Archive cream cream make-up on the face .


Use damp for a light dewy finish, or dry for medium to buildable coverage.



Preferably clean after each use with warm water and lather gently with mild soap or shampoo (Dr Bronner's Liquid Castile Soaps would be perfect for that).
Let air dry.


Replace your makeup sponge every 3 months.

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