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Not Available ? Why we haven't selected some products of our beloved brands

Posted on March 01 2019

Are you looking for some products you can't find among a full brand collection we have here at GBB? There are some ingredients we decided not to carry. You'll find below a short explanation as to why. So any product containing those ingredients (and others, it is a non exhaustive list) won't be part of our selection. 


As you know, we choose our brands and products with care, and should we say, love. We're delighted to have them in our selection.


Though we love and trust all the brands we work with, sometimes we choose not to carry some of their products, to keep with our stricter ingredient choice. So that you don't have to wonder over each product, yes, even you with those sensitive or irritated skins. 


Here is a bit of reading for you, in case you are wondering why you can't find some cleanser, cream, foundation or serum from our brands on GBB. 




Whether organic or not, Alcohol as a preservative is too drying and harsh to the skin, stripping it of its natural protection. Though it is accepted by organic certification, it has no added-value for the skin (whatever your skin type), being used only to preserve and extend the shelf life of the product. We find it counterproductive to have it in our cosmetics. It is a different thing for hair care, where it helps with volume.

Benzyl Alcohol

We are super weary of Benzyl Alcohol as a preservative at GBB (not Benzyl Alcohol part of essential oils). It is sensitizing to some skins though in not such an obvious way. We tolerate it in Make-up in "low" doses as the skin is protected by the skincare applied before. And we try to avoid it in skincare (also it is accepted as an "organic preservative" by certification agencies) with some exception if it is in very small dosages that our own skins here at GBB tolerate.
Carbomer Though it is not irritant to the skin, used as an emulsifier, synthetic thickener in gel textures, it is derived from petrol so we prefer to steer clear of it.
Full disclosure : we carried a product with it for a few months, but after further in-depth research, decided we didn't want Carbomer in our products.
Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate It is a PPG ingredient, suspected of carrying carcinogenic elements and being also very pollutant to extract. It is used to allow for example a cleanser to emulsify with water, making it easy to be rinsed by water instead of a cloth and a second cleanse. Even if it is in a cleanser texture, that needs to be rinse of, we prefer to avoid it so you can trust our selection.
Dimethicone It is a Silicone ingredient. It can stifle the skin and lead to breakouts even in make-up.
Nylon A plastic chemical ingredient we are more used to wear on our tights... To be honest, when used in make-up, it is only a touch on the skin, after your skincare routine, and it is less stifling than Dimethicone to the skin. But in the end we decided against it, in order to not confuse you.
Polysorbate 20 Though naturally derived, it is an ethoxylate ingredient, very pollutant to produce and suspected of carrying carcinogenic elements (even if carefully sourced as is the case with our brands). It helps with emulsifying the essential oils into the texture and avoid pockets of undiluted essentials oils which can be too strong.


This doesn't mean the products containing those ingredients are necessary bad for your skin or health as they are all extensively tested by the brands and they source they ingredients responsively.

But at GBB, we decided to take quite strictly the "Green" in Green Beauty Bites. So we do have some exceptions of course, but they usually will fit with super sensitive skins and keeping it (mostly) natural.


Want to know more about our ingredient selection? Have a look here


Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.






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